The theme of the 28th Oulu Music Video Festival is NOLO

Nolo is a Finnish word that means embarrassment arising from something uncool. What is and what is not cool revolves in cycles and shame is a feeling that resides in each of us, and sometimes limits our lives. Is ultimate coolness that we do the most embarrassing things without shame or even by embracing them? OMVF aims to dispel the limiting stigma of embarassment that limits our lives and expression.

Roller skating, nu metal and Finnish AV professionals

Artistic director Nousiainen has also curated two roller skating themed music video screenings for the festival; Nolo olo and *^G4M€s w3 BL4DE?)? =. The festival program also includes a screening of roller skating shorts called All we need is feet (and roller skates), which includes such movies as Full Spiral, directed and starred by professional blader Robbie Pitts.

Media journalist Raine Laaksonen has curated a screening of the most “embarrassing” metal genre, nu metal. The patron of the screening is Koitelin residenssi. Scholar Roos Hekkens’ screening is titled Nothing and delves into meaning in music videos. Veli Kauppinen’s Velinen Sunnuntai, a festival tradition, will for the tenth consecutive year compile the best music videos in the world to end the festival weekend with.

The backbone of the festival is the Finnish Music Video Competition. All videos sent to the competition will be screened at the festival and the best videos awarded at the legendary awards ceremony Pumpeligala, sponsored by Northern Finland Film Comission and Business Oulu.

Festival guests Max Smeds and Karim 'karikarim' Saheb will hold masterclasses on their respective fields. Cinematographer Max Smeds has shot music videos for Chisu and Vesala alike and director Karim Saheb, meanwhile, is known for his cinematic music videos for artists such as Cledos and Gasellit.

An assortment of interesting artists contribute to the OMVF art exhibition

An exhibition of contemporary art, curated by the festival’s artistic director Anna-Mari Nousiainen, further explores the festival’s theme NOLO. The exhibition has work from artists Liina Holmes, Katja Iljana, Timi Koivisto, Konsta Koivisto, Maisa Majakka,Anna-Mari Nousiainen, Keiska Ojala, Paula Nousiainen, Caroline Suinner andAlma Tuuva.

The entire festival programme including its film and club programming will be released in July.

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