Oulu Pride Ballroom Takeover


Oulu Pride Vogue Ball

House of Ninja: DJ Esgrove, MC Ghepetto, Pixie & Sasha Ninja
Gee Gee Van De Slay
DJ Illyana

House of Ninja: DJ Esgrove, MC Ghepetto, Pixie & Sasha Ninja

The category is… Pride!

The Finnish chapter of the iconic House of Ninja brings a night of ballroom spectacle to Oulu Pride.

Expect a full-on vogue ball party experience featuring a voguing showcase, live MCing, and dancing with music from house and disco to hot ballroom beats and queer anthems.

DJ Esgrove Ninja is known as the top ballroom DJ in Finland. He has been a part of the Finnish voguing scene since the beginning, after playing in the very first vogue ball in Helsinki back in 2011.

Bringing the heat on the mic is our commentator extraordinaire for the evening, MC Ghepetto Ninja, whose energy and excitement never disappoints. Their talented voice has been heard in many vogue balls and events in Finland in recent years.

Completing the night are our lovely performers Pixie and Sasha Ninja, who have been actively walking and winning in balls for multiple years already.

Ain’t no party like a ballroom party!

Gee Gee Van De Slay
Gee Gee Van De Slay is from Manchester UK but now calls Tampere her home. Mother of the Haus of Nana, Gee Gee specialises in camp drag with that British humour edge. As they say in the UK, she’s the best thing since sliced bread… And don’t worry, she does come gluten free!

DJ Illyana
Local queerdo Illyana’s genre-nonconforming set creates a bouncy hot mix to warm up the dancing feet.

The space is not accessible but staff will help people with disability through a lift in backyard. If you need help, contact staff in advance: roope@45special.com. Assistants get in free of charge.

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Tapahtuman aika

4.8. klo 23.00
 - 04.00

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45 Special, Saaristonkatu 12, 90100 Oulu


K18 / 18 and up 



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