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Sign up with your performance to Oulu Arts Night!

Oulu Arts Night is celebrated on Thursday 18th of August 2022. We invite all art and culture creators to join us in transforming the city to a grand cultural arena! 

 The 2022 Oulu Arts Night begins at 12.00 o’clock on Thursday 18th of August and ends the following morning at 6.00 o’clock on 19th of August. You can register as an event organizer by filling out this form. Registering by 12th of August allows us to include your event to our website and mobile app of Oulu August Festival.   

If you are not sure about the exact location and time of your event, please send an email to ouluntaiteidenyo (at) gmail.com and we will figure out a fitting spot in the program. 

The Oulu Arts Night Association (Oulun Taiteiden Yö ry) notifies the City of Oulu on the use of public space on behalf of the event organiser. However, the organiser themselves is responsible for any other permits and copyrights (Teosto, Sanasto, or Gramex fees, etc.) that the performance may need. 

The event is coordinated by the Oulu Arts Night Association. The artistic director of the event is Paavo J. Heinonen, paavojii at gmail.com, tel. +358 44 250 1605. 

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