Air Guitar World Championships 2013

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Corentin “AirGus” Fermont had to fight for his place in the finals against Mathias Mertens due to a tie. (Dark Horses' Qualifying Round. Photo: Juho Paaso-Rantala)
German Cecilia “Sweet Sisu” Knodt shared her cherry box. (Dark Horses' Qualifying Round. Photo: Juho Paaso-Rantala)
Paul “Pulsating Plectrum” Schofield who was having his bachelor party, had half an hour to train for his performance. (Dark Horses' Qualifying Round. Photo: Juho Paaso-Rantala)
Tom “Sgt. Wrecker” Hill reminded us what’s the essence of air guitaring: “Peace through music.” (Dark Horses' Qualifying Round. Photo: Juho Paaso-Rantala)
Mean Melin from Kansas convinced the jury with his straightforward style. (Dark Horses' Qualifying Round. Photo: Juho Paaso-Rantala)
The champion of 2013, Mean Melin showed some pure airness without any gimmickry. (Kuva: Juho Paaso-Rantala)
The second place went to real veteran of air guitar, Doug "The Thunder" Stroock. (Kuva: Juho Paaso-Rantala)
Thom "W!ld Th!ng 37" Wilding grabbed the third place. (Kuva: Juho Paaso-Rantala)
Last year’s champion Nordic Thunder was bravely defending his title. (Kuva: Juho Paaso-Rantala)
Dark horse AirGus rode his stalwart german stallion. (Kuva: Juho Paaso-Rantala)
Air Guitar World Championships is truly a festival of love.  (Kuva: Juho Paaso-Rantala)
Everyone is a little bit gay, according to father of AGWC Jukka Takalo. (Kuva: Juho Paaso-Rantala)
The champion was awarded with a custom made guitar, Flying Finn, designed by Matti Nevalainen. (Kuva: Juho Paaso-Rantala)
Last year’s champion Nordic Thunder warmly congratulated the new champion Eric "Mean Melin" Melin. (Kuva: Juho Paaso-Rantala)
Rotuaari was filled by fans of air guitar. (Kuva: Juho Paaso-Rantala)
Country rapper Stig and DJPP warmed up the crowd for air guitarists. (Photo: Juho Paaso-Rantala)
Stig & Kullankaivajat warmed up the crowd for air guitarists. (Photo: Juho Paaso-Rantala)
One of the judges was Matti Ylönen, a music journalist from Radio Channel YleX. (Photo by: Monika Strand)
Air Guitar World Champion 2011 Aline Westphal focused watching the performances. (Photo by: Monika Strand)
Former Producer of Air Guitar World Championships Marika Lamberg judging the contenders. (Photo by: Monika Strand)
US Air Guitar organizer West Hayes was one of the five judges. (Photo by: Monika Strand)
Juha Torvinen, the Finnish equivalent of Keith Richards tried his best to stay strict but fair. (Photo by: Monika Strand)
Audience, captivated by the performance of Stig & Kullankaivajat. (Photo by: Monika Strand)
Corentin “AirGus” Fermont blowed up the Marshall (Photo by: Juho Paaso-Rantala)
Kasper ”ThunderFlesh” Tørnstrøm from Denmark left the stage for some fresh air to play with. (Photo by: Juho Paaso-Rantala)
Emmanuelle ”Miss Issipy” Stempniakowski’s performance was unanimously deemed voluptuous and energetic. (Photo by: Juho Paaso-Rantala)
Benjamin ”Benny Fairguson” Thiebaut didn’t lack airness. (Photo by: Juho Paaso-Rantala)
Daniel ”Moredrive” Oldemeier showed his exquisite hip movement. (Photo by: Juho Paaso-Rantala)
Georgi Nikolov rode his bike all the way from Bulgaria. (Photo by: Juho Paaso-Rantala)
Vladlena ”Ivana Rock” Kaminskaya arrived on stage with a flaming kick scooter and a rocking attitude. (Photo by: Juho Paaso-Rantala)
Altair ”Rockin’ Rabbit” Kassymov was the first competitor ever from Kazakhstan. (Photo by: Juho Paaso-Rantala)
A Dutchman James ”The Beast” Lowe had the eye of the tiger. (Photo by: Juho Paaso-Rantala)
Mitsuaki ”Inogami Koushou” Inoue was the eldest performer of the night with over 50 years of age. (Photo by: Juho Paaso-Rantala)
Lieutenant Facemelter was the 2013 winner of U.S. championships held in Los Angeles. (Photo by: Juho Paaso-Rantala)
Christian ”Heart Buckboard” Sweep tried his best to anger off PETA. (Photo by: Juho Paaso-Rantala)
People gathered to Oulu from all over the world. (Photo by: Juho Paaso-Rantala)
Some lucky ones in the audience got their own official Lt. Facemelter glasses. (Photo by: Juho Paaso-Rantala)