Spend the day with the Air Guitarists!

Join us for the Airientation day in Pikisaari, Oulu on Wednesday 23rd of August 2023. During the day you get to attend Air Guitar workshops led by international Air Guitarists, a Drink & Draw lesson, and to explore Re:Formi demolition art building.

Registration for the Airientation day is now open! Sign up HERE by Tuesday 22nd of August.


12.00-14.00 Air Guitar workshops at Re:Formi art show building

Re:Formi is an old vocational school building set to be demolished at the end of this year. Building’s rooms, corridors and premises are now filled with installation art created by local and international artists.

Air Guitar workshops are led by:

  • Justin “Nordic Thunder” Howard (USA)
  • Lloyd “Stonehenge” Weema (UK)
  • Nicole “Little Old Me” Sevcik (USA)
  • Vincent “Lord Scrat” Roussel (France)

1st workshop 12.00–12.45 (All Air Guitarists will teach one workshop each)
2nd workshop 13.00–13.45 (Nordic Thunder and Stonehenge both teach a second workshop each)

14.00–14.30 Pikinen Poloku environmental art path (if the weather allows)

14.30–15.30 Drink & Draw -lesson at Mallassauna’s upstairs space. During the lesson, you and your partner will draw a portrait of one another. You won’t need any previous drawing experience, just use your imagination and creativity!

The attendance fee for the whole Airientation day is 15 €.

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