Open call for Oulu August Festivals' 2024 program

Oulu August Festivals is looking for art for its program in August 2024.

Oulu August Festivals highlights artists and art organizations from Oulu and the northern region in its program. Artists can apply for the 2024 program until January 31.

In previous years, there have been tightrope dancing, aerial acrobatics, media art, theater, opera, immersive multidisciplinary works, urban adventures, and street theater.

Selection criteria for the 2024 application:

  • The applicant is a professional artist or group from Oulu, the northern region, or with roots in the north.
  • The production will be carried out during the Oulu August Festivals in August 2024 in Oulu or the Oulu region.
  • All artistic disciplines are welcome to apply.
  • The application will be evaluated based on the artistic quality, appeal, relevance, freshness, and connection to the northern region of the work.
  • The program can consist of either a one-time performance or a longer-term project (e.g. exhibition).
  • New work: The piece will be presented for the first time at Oulu August Festivals. Afterward, it can be presented elsewhere.
  • The work has a plan for funding and is feasible for execution. A letter of intent may be issued for the production if completion of the work is contingent on later confirmed funding.

One piece will be selected. The production responsibility lies entirely with the creator/group. Oulu August Festivals supports the production with a maximum of 3000 euros. If there is an admission fee for the performance, tickets can be sold through Oulu August Festivals. Ticket revenue, after ticketing costs, will go entirely to the creator/group.

The piece will become part of Oulu August Festivals' joint marketing efforts, which are carried out by a team of professionals and include diverse campaigns across various channels. Additionally, depending on the nature of the work, there may be an opportunity to present the piece on the Northern Cultural Stream platform ( and/or create a recording of the performance/artwork. Visibility on the Northern Cultural Stream will be agreed upon separately. Other assistance (communication, schedules, contacts, production support) will be determined on a case-by-case basis.

The application can be submitted at this link: (link goes to another site). The application form should include a work plan and budget for the project. The form will be open until January 31, 2024 at 23:59. The selection of the project will be decided by the board of the Oulu Cultural Events Association, and the applicant will be notified personally of the selection.

Oulu August Festivals has an Ekokompassi certificate and follows those principles in all of its operations. Oulu August Festivals is also a discrimination-free festival that adheres to the principles of creating a safer space. We expect these aspects to be taken into account in events included in the Oulu August Festivals' program.

More information: Producer Laura Siitonen laura(at), p. 041 3135341

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