Macro Concerts

1.8. – 31.8.2023
Macro concerts offer intimate concert experiences for small audiences. Approximately ten people are chosen by lottery, and surprising venues are often revealed just when the audience arrives at the venue. Macro concerts are held every two years.

The first macro concert series was held in 2013. With the videos linked below, a larger audience can also enjoy the experience.

In the first macro concert of all times, the audience rowed a church boat on the Oulujoki River and the Duo Mesikämmenet sang centuries-old dirty limericks, songs by big boys. The Marine Rescue Society transported another group to a sandbar 18 kilometers off the coast to hear the Kuplets on the horizon. In the same year, the audience was also taken on an atmospheric lunch trip to Samae Koskinen and Edu Kettunen’s gig in the middle of old small planes.

In 2014, the macro concerts went to a sauna and admired the starry sky. At the summer sauna, trumpet player Jukka Eskola and dancer Jarkko Lehmus offered the audience an improvised performance near Tuira beach. In the Olavi Observatory concert, Olavi Uusivirta’s venue was the water tower in Puolivälikangas. Completed in 1969, the tower also houses the astronomical association Arktos Observatory.

In 2015, M.A. Numminen, a cultural multi-talent, both played music and read short stories in the seascape on the roof of the Oulu City Theater, and the captivating The Hearing delighted the audience of ten with their delicate intensive performance at the Everwhat Gallery.

In 2017, the performers of the macro concerts were Verneri Pohjola in the gun powder cellar and Ville Leinonen in Pikisaari.

In the 2019 macro concerts, Nina Mya and Kaisa Mäensivu performed in a seaside atmosphere at Igloo Cafe in Toppila. In the second macro concert, Pauliina Fred and Pekka Elsilä played traverse duos in the dizzying landscapes on the roof terrace of Tervahovi Silos.

In 2021, new, multisensory experiences were tested on a cultural kayaking trip and a trip to the forest.

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