Paradise - Artist of the Year Exhibition Opening


The Artist of the Year, Christelle Mas, combines soft materials, installation elements, and videos in her exhibition. The artworks expand the concept of photography and invite immersion into a multidimensional, and somewhat humorous vision of the future.

Mas explores the connections between humans, technology, and other species. She imagines future scenarios where genetically modified species coexist with humans in unfamiliar environments. The boundaries between science and mythology, as well as between natural and artificial elements, become blurred in her works.

The exhibition is open until 25th of September in the open hours of the library.

The opening has a musical greeting by Étienne Boudreault and Philippe Thuriot.

Christelle Mas, photo artist
Étienne Boudreault, bassoon
Philippe Thuriot, accordion

J. S. Bach: Gamba Sonata in G major BWV1027

Étienne Boudreault, bassoon
Philippe Thuriot, accordion

In co-operation with Photo North - Northern Photographic Centre (link opens in a new browser tab).



8.8. klo 17.30


Oulunsalon kirjasto, Karhuojantie 2, Oulu


Free Entry