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Airientationin osallistujat kokoontuivat Rotuaarille odottamaan Potnapekka-kiertoajelun alkua. Joukosta löytyi vanhoja tuttavuuksia ja uusia solmittiin.  

Air guitarists met at Rotuaari for Airientation, the Air Guitar Family reunion, before boarding the traditional Oulu minitrain called Potnapekka. Old acquaintances were met and new found. 

(Kuva: Essi Oikarinen)
Potnapekka-junan kyydissä ilmakitaristit pääsivät tutustumaan Oulun parhaisiin puoliin Justin ”Nordic Thunder” Howardin värikkäällä turistiopastuksella höystettynä. 

The Potnapekka tour showed participants the best parts of Oulu while Justin Howard acted as a tourist guide, sharing amusing “facts” about the city. 

(Kuva: Essi Oikarinen)
Vuoden 2012 ilmakitaramaailmanmestari Justin ”Nordic Thunder” Howard oli suosittu kuvauskohde koko illan ajan. 

Justin "Nordic Thunder" Howard, the winner of the 2012 Air Guitar World Championships and the guide of the Airientation tour, was a very popular photo target.

(Kuva: Essi Oikarinen)
Potnapekka-ajelun päätepisteenä oli Kesän Sauna Tuirassa. Ennen saunomista käytiin läpi saunaetikettiä. 

The Potnapekka tour took Airientation participants to the Tuira beach, where a floating sauna was waiting for them. Before jumping into the sauna, the air guitarists gathered to learn more about sauna etiquette.

(Kuva: Essi Oikarinen)
Saunavuoroa odotellessa rannalla ehti muun muassa pelata. 

Playing games on the beach while waiting for sauna. 

(Kuva: Essi Oikarinen)
Tuiran rannalla vallitsi hyväntuulinen leiritunnelma Airientation-orientaatioillassa. 

Cheerful camping spirit filled the Tuira beach during the Airientation evening. 

(Kuva: Essi Oikarinen)
Saunomisen lomassa ehti myös harjoitella tulevaa koitosta varten. 

While waiting for their turn at the sauna, contestants also had time to practice for the upcoming competition. 

(Kuva: Essi Oikarinen)
Ilmakitaristit matkalla saunalautalle Airientation-orientaatioilllassa.  

Air guitarists on their way to the sauna raft during their Airientation. 

(Kuva: Essi Oikarinen)
Tuiran saunalautta ja aurinkoinen elokuun ilta tarjosivat miellyttävät puitteet Airientation-illanvietolle.

The sunny August evening and the floating sauna at the Tuira beach provided a relaxing setting for the Airientation orientation evening. 

(Kuva: Essi Oikarinen)
Ilmakitaristit pääsivät saunomaan Kesän Saunalle Tuirassa Airientation-orientaatioillassa. 

The floating sauna at the Tuira beach was reserved for the air guitarists for the Airientation evening. 

(Kuva: Essi Oikarinen)
Ilmakitaristit viihtyivät saunalautan keinutuksessa. 

Air guitarists enjoying the floating sauna. 

(Kuva: Essi Oikarinen)
Ilmakitara soi myös ilmassa Tuiran saunalautalla. 

An air guitar can be played during flight as well! 

(Kuva: Essi Oikarinen)
Saunominen innoitti kansainväliseen yhteismusisointiin. 

Sauna inspired participants to play together. 

(Kuva: Essi Oikarinen)
Kansainvälinen osallistujajoukko tunnusti väriä myös pyyhkein. 

Airientation orientation evening started the Air Guitar World Championships week with participants around the globe. 

(Kuva: Essi Oikarinen)
Suklainen ilmakitaraleivos maistui saunan jälkeen. 

Enjoying an air guitar themed chocolate cake after sauna. 

(Kuva: Essi Oikarinen)
Saunalautalta ilmakitarakansa jatkoi matkaa kävellen Villa Lipporantaan, missä ilta jatkui syömisen merkeissä. 

From the floating sauna the Airientation tour continued by foot to Villa Lipporanta, where the evening continued with food and relaxed socializing.

(Kuva: Essi Oikarinen)
Airientation-väki matkalla Villa Lipporantaan syömään ja viettämään iltaa. 

The air guitarists on their way to Villa Lipporanta to eat and hang out. 

(Kuva: Essi Oikarinen)
Hilkka Haagan taitoihin kuuluu myös tienviittana toimiminen. 

One of Hilkka Haaga’s many talents is acting as a signpost. 

(Kuva: Essi Oikarinen)
Kävelymatka Tuiran rantoja pitkin Villa Lipporantaan sujui joutuisasti hyvässä seurassa. 

The walk along the Tuira shore to Villa Lipporanta went quickly in good company. 

(Kuva: Essi Oikarinen)
Matt “Airistotle” Burns is the winner of the Air Guitar World Championships 2016! (Photo: Inkeri Jäntti)
The Air Guitar World Championships of 2016 were held at the Oulu Rotuaari square on 26th of August. The event was hosted by spacesuit-clad Bjorn Turoque with his trusty sidekick Justin "Nordic Thunder" Howard. (Photo: Inkeri Jäntti)
Bjorn Turoque, the host of the 2016 Air Guitar World Championships, put together an impromptu air band with fellow air guitarist Justin "Nordic Thunder" Howard and lucky audience members who got to perform on the stage for Oulu and all the livefeed viewers from all around the world. (Photo: Inkeri Jäntti)
Bjorn Turoque shows off his shoes during his air band performance. (Photo: Inkeri Jäntti)
The dance group Tinze Twerkers from Tampere warmed up the audience for the airguitarists. (Photo: Inkeri Jäntti)
Dave ”G. Tso Money” Chen from Taiwan opted for a darker look for his air guitar performance. (Photo: Inkeri Jäntti)
Nicole ”Mom Jeans Jeanie” Sevcik was called a cougar by Air Guitar World Championships host Bjorn Turoque. "Let's not say MILF, there are children present," he added. (Photo: Inkeri Jäntti)
The reigning US Air Guitar Champion Matt ”Airistotle” Burns was a favorite from the start and received deafening applauds. (Photo: Inkeri Jäntti)
Dave ”Udo” Wonz, the German champion of airguitaring brought the headbanging to the max. (Photo: Inkeri Jäntti)
Air Guitar World Championships host Bjorn Turoque chatted with the excited audience at Oulu. (Photo: Inkeri Jäntti)
While the judges tallied the scores, the audience was treated to a thrilling airguitar duel between airguitarists from previous years. (Photo: Inkeri Jäntti)
Dave ”Udo” Wonz battling for the Air Guitar World Championship in Oulu. (Photo: Inkeri Jäntti)
Rob ”The Marquis” Messel made intimate aqcuaintance with the press. (Photo: Inkeri Jäntti, who also wants to thank The Marquis for a bump on her forehead...)
Keep on rocking in the free world! The crowd at the Rotuaari square in Oulu during the Air Guitar World Championships. (Photo: Inkeri Jäntti)
Make air not war! Matt ”Airistotle” Burns was crowned as the Air Guitar World Champion! (Photo: Inkeri Jäntti)
Keep on rocking in the free world! The crowd - and the contestants - went wild at the finale of the Air Guitar World Championships 2016 at Oulu. (Photo: Inkeri Jäntti)
Carlos ”Hanzel the Manzel” Mengual was the first contestant to perform at the Air Guitar World Championships of 2016. (Photo: Inkeri Jäntti)
Giesela ”Gizzy Guitar” Visser from New Zealand rocked the Finnish colors. (Photo: Inkeri Jäntti)
Rob ”The Marquis” Messel brought a wiff of aristocracy to the Air Guitar World Championships. (Photo: inkeri Jäntti)
Luke ”Van Dammage” Sevcik is a rarity at the Air Guitar World Championships: he is the first man in the contest to be married to another contestant. He is the husband of Nicole ”Mom Jeans Jeanie” Sevcik. (Photo: Inkeri Jäntti)
Daniel ”Moredrive” Oldemeier made host Bjorn Turoque 'to question his sexuality', according to his own words. (Photo: Inkeri Jäntti)
Jeffrey ”The Airtiste” Stiles rocked his air guitar despite some problems staying awake. (Photo: Inkeri Jäntti)
Frenchman Vincent ”Lord Scrat” Roussel displayed impressive backbending skills. (Photo: Inkeri Jäntti)
The dynamic Manami ”TAM” Morita proved why she was the reigning Japanese Air Guitar World Champion. (Photo: Inkeri Jäntti)
Kereel ”Your Daddy” Blumenkrants, the Air Guitar World Champion of 2015 defended his title with gusto. (Photo: Inkeri Jäntti)
Canadian Air Guitar Champion Blake ”The Canadian Tuxedo” Johnston rocked the stage with a few ice hockey -inspired moves. (Photo: Inkeri Jäntti)
Iron-necked Manami ”TAM” Morita went on to the second round at the Air Guitar World Championships of 2016 in Oulu. (Photo: Inkeri Jäntti)
Luke ”Van Dammage” Sevcik was a last minute addition to the contest through the traditional dark horse competition held at the legendary Oulu rock club 45 Special  the previous night. (Photo: Inkeri Jäntti)
Nicole ”Mom Jeans Jeanie” Sevcik threw off her apron and showed the audience how air guitar is played momstyle. (Photo: Inkeri Jäntti)
Kereel ”Your Daddy” Blumenkrants from Russia had a lot of his countrymen supporting him at the audience. (Photo: Inkeri Jäntti)
Matt ”Airistotle” Burns' bouncy, geeky style charmed the judges and the audience and finally brought him the coveted Air Guitar World Championship. Congratulations, Airistotle! (Photo: Inkeri Jäntti)
Make air, not war! The Air Guitar movement aims for world peace but isn't afraid to make political statements! (Photo: Inkeri Jäntti)