Folk music and dance carnival as part of Oulu August Festivals in 2024

Folk music and dance carnival "Juuret" (Roots) has been chosen to the program for the 2024 Oulu August Festivals.

The event will take place in downtown Oulu and feature the folk music band Nope along with guest performers. The concert will include easy folk dances that the audience can participate in. The event will culminate in an exhilarating "huutokatrilli", which is a lively quadrille or square dance characterized by energetic movements and shouts.The exact date of the event will be announced later.

Nope is a folk music band from Oulu that has been performing at major folk music festivals in Finland for 10 years and has significant collaborations in folk dance.

Oulu August Festivals highlight the expertise of Oulu and northern artists and art organizations with 1–2 works/events. This year, the festival received 10 applications, from which the board of the Oulu Cultural Events Association selected "Juuret" to complement the entire program for the Oulu August Festivals.

Previously, the program has included tightrope dancing, aerial acrobatics, media art, theater, opera, immersive multidisciplinary works, urban adventures, and street theater.

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