Oulu Music Video Festival

Oulu Music Video Festival is a five-day spectacle of music and moving pictures. Hundreds of fresh Finnish music videos hit the big screen and the best compete in the Finnish Music Video Competition.

The festival also displays the most fascinating phenomena of pop culture and organizes live clubs and other music video-related activities in local bars.

For five days, the world’s oldest music video festival will bring fresh domestic videos to the big screen and present the most fascinating phenomena of pop culture in film and special screenings. The authors of the videos also express their views from different perspectives. Festival clubs and other entertainment fills the city’s streets and cafes. The best music videos and authors are rewarded at the prestigious Pumpeli gala.

The event has become a joyous people’s festival on the last warm evenings of the summer, bringing together young and youthful people, both music and film professionals, enthusiasts and consumers.

The artistic director of the event is Anna-Mari Nousiainen. The event is produced by the Oulu Music Video Festivals Association.