Käännekohta - Opening of the Exhibition


Reaching your thirties is an achievement for any festival, especially for a music video festival. Therefore the content of this year’s festival is built around the “thirties” theme; exploring crises, working life, new paths and future. However the contemporary art exhibition delves into identity, self-growth and queer themes. What kind of expectations and battles does a patriarchal society impose? How can you feel too much and too little at the same time? Can we give ourselves permission to be everything and fluid, without limits?

I go round, elliptical
Watch me orbit this
I keep repeating myself
There must be more than this
I don’t know why I can’t change
There ain’t no groundhogs here

There’s just me in my garden
Howling at the moon when it’s round and clear
– Kae Tempest

Andra Sarenius
Anna Anundi
August Joensalo
Erkki Huilla
Heinä Loukimo
Iida Valme
Jenna Kauppi
Kaarina Siltakorpi
Saara Halminen
Vilma Kallunki
Zhao Xingrui

Ansku Nousiainen

Opening party 3rd of August from 6pm to 8pm.
18:00 Curator’s speech
18:15 DJ Otilia
19:00 Anna Anundi -performance
19:30 DJ LNA
20:00 Occasion ends



3.8. klo 18.00


Valvegalleria, Kulttuuritalo Valve, Hallituskatu 7, 90100 Oulu


Free Entry