Club: Kalevi Suopursu Karaoke Show, joku iiris, Money & Gravy, VHS-klubi

Kalevi Suopursu takes us on a journey through the Finnish state of mind using the lowest common nominator, karaoke. In today’s postmodern society, our souls still shed a quiet tear when we see familiar words screened on the wall of a bar!

Last year’s Teinipumpeli winner for the video for Moi Äiti, joku iiris, will perform at the festival club on Thursday. Singing about the tragicomic aspects of every day life, her songs touch on subjects such as depression and crispbread. The singer-songwriter performs only with an acoustic guitar and her dark and deep voice.

Rhythm’n’Sauce: boogie with a manic touch and a stable beat! Rumbling from the streets of Oulu, this rhythm and blues trio has taken the Finnish rock scene by storm. Money & Gravy has made feet stomp at venues from house parties to big stages. This is the beat from under the sheets, packed with the good ol’ vibes.

Thursday night’s programme is spiced with the fascinating visuals of VHS-klubi (VHS-Club)!

Tickets 2,5 € at the door.