Johanna Försti Gospel

1.8.—2.8.2019 Tuira Church

Johanna Försti is one of Finland’s most skillful and versatile singers. Försti fills the church with rare atmosphere in the opening concert.

The concert consists of traditional gospel as well as modern popular music. Johanna wants to underline the message of the songs she has chosen for the concert.

” Gospel music has always been an interest of mine. It was one of the most inspiring genres for me as a young girl even before I started singing. A lot of the pop hits that I like also carry a message and text that can be appreciated spiritually. I wanted to create a concert where I can customize these hits and throw in some old school gospel to the mix”, says Johanna.

Johanna Försti, vocals
Mikko Helevä, Hammond organ
Ville Herrala, double bass
Abdissa Assefa, percussion

In association: Tuira Parish