Astro Anarchy images of J-P Metsävainio; Transparente; Charles Sandison: Covenant

16.8. Lasaretti

17–18 at Hotel Lasaretti, Aurora Ball Room (Kasarmintie 13). Video, media and photo art on the seven giant screens of Aurora ball room.

J-P Metsävainio is an astronomy photographer who enjoys portraying the hidden beauty of our universe. With an observatory in the central Oulu, Metsävainio has received the Stella Arcti prize in 2009, and his work has been published by eg. NASA, National Geographic, LPOD, Sky & Telescope, Universe Today and Discover Magazine.

Music videos are not restricted to popular rhythm music. “Transparente” is a video to a piece of classical music made by mezzosoprano Virpi Räisänen and composer Ilmari Mäenpää, both hailing from Kiiminki, though Räisänen has long been based in Amsterdam.

Scotland-born Charles Sandison works in Finland, and his media art work “Covenant” has been recreated specifically for Aurora ball room. Rarely shown, the work immerses the onlooker, mesmerised by the slow movement of words and letters.