Are you a visionary who knows popular culture and its new trends like the back of your hand? Do you want to get involved in putting together the programme for the world's oldest music video festival and helping develop the festival in an international direction?

Oulu Music Video Festival (OMVF) is the oldest music video festival in the world. Held annually in Oulu. The four-day festival features curated music video screenings, films, clubs, master classes, workshops and much more. As part of the Oulu European Capital of Culture 2026 project, OMVF is organising a Nordic music video competition in 2025 and a European music video competition in 2026.

Oulu Music Video Festival is looking for an Artistic Director to be responsible for the festival's programme in cooperation with the festival organisation. Their main task will be to put together the music video and film programme as well as the supporting programme. The artistic director also assists in the festival production. The job of Artistic Director requires vision, extensive knowledge of music videos and audiovisual culture and experience in programming.

We also value motivation, the ability to work independently, experience with associations as well as networks in the audiovisual sector. International connections are a plus. We also consider experience with event production as well as public speaking to be an advantage. 
The job is part-time 18,75 h/week from the first of March to the last of August and does not require living in Oulu. The Artistic Director must subscribe to the values of the association.

Send an application and CV by the tenth of January 16:00 to For more information about the position, please contact Inka Koutaniemi, Chair of the Board of Oulu Music Video Festival Association, on 23rd of Novemeber 17-19, 14th of Dcember 17-18.30 and 9th of January 17-19 tel. 050 41091876. Job interviews will take place in week 3.

The theme for 2022s Oulu Music Video Festival is Care. Creative director Anna-Mari Nousiainen describes the theme as follows: ‘’The past years have tormented us on personal, societal and global levels. The world we live in can be a cruel, hard and scary place. That is why we desperately need more softness, understanding and warmth. This years’ festival is all about care and caring, nurturing and gentleness, with audiovisual pleasure of course!’’ The festival takes place in 25–28 August.

International professionals, intriguing curators and safer space principles

Danish director Martin de Thurah, known for his work with Kanye West, David Byrne and James Blake among others, brings his retrospective to the festival. The newer generation of music video directors is represented by the acclaimed Swedish director, Sheila Johansson, whose master class will take place at the festival. Johansson is known for her work with Seinabo Sey and Silvana Imam. Finnish music video director JIRINA holds a screening where she talks about director branding and safer space principles on set as well as showcases her work. Dxxxa D, the master of eccentric rap himself, presents his favorite music videos and also performs at the afterparty. Academic Roos Hekkens returns for another fascinating dive into music videos, this time with her self-help screening and the musician/journalist Veli Kauppinen is also back with Velinen Sunnuntai, which will be held for the 11th time.

Invisible people, anti-influencers and the dangers of fast-living

The Scars of Ali Boulala, directed by Max Eriksson, tells the colorful yet tragic life story of the Swedish skateboarding star Ali Boulala. Anonymous Club delves into the mind and soul of one of Australia’s top contemporary rock artists, Courtney Barnett, as she struggles with mental health issues and trying to find a meaning for her life. Finnish movies are represented by Petri Kärkkäinen’s documentary Kalevi Suopursu Karaoke Showand Tommi E. Virtanen’s Silence.. and the Birth of Sound, which examines the meaning of music and silence from a philosophical point of view through conversations with jazz guitarist Teemu Viinikainen and actor Hannu-Pekka Björkman. Jesse Jalonen’s fiction movie No one looks at me in the eyes, is about people with a rare syndrome – they can only be seen and heard through a camera and a microphone.

Tropical rhythms, UK garage and immersive visuals at the clubs

The OMVF clubs are the audiovisual continuum of the festival, for which Jani Pitkänen provides the immersive visuals. Look forward to performances from the Tampere-based Maajo, known for their tropic rhythms and balearic soundscapes, Dxxxa D’s eccentric rap show as well as Main Phase, the Danish UK Garage DJ on the rise.

You can find the festival's entire programme in English on OMVF's website at this link.