Air Guitar World Championships semifinal registration is open until 14th July

The Air Guitar World Championship Final 2023 is just around the corner, and the
members of National Air Guitar Network are choosing their champions as we speak.
The USA will choose its champion Saturday this week in Denver, and the world’s most
northern nationals are held on the 29th in Kiruna, when Sweden picks its first ever
official champion for the World Final.

In addition to Sweden, Ireland and Sealand have recently joined as members of the
National Air Guitar Network, and after a few years hiatus old members Belgium,
Germany and Japan are welcomed back to the competition.

Unless you happen to be your country’s National Air Guitar Champion, the only way to
the World Championship Final is through the Dark Horses Qualifications on Thursday
24th of August. As soon as the following day, the Dark Horses qualified on Thursday will
rise on the Rotuaari stage in Oulu, joined by the National Champions and last year’s
winner Kirill “Guitarantula” Blumenkrants, for the battle of the World Championship

Everyone dreaming of becoming the next Air Guitar World Champion can still sign up
for the Dark Horses Qualifications by Friday the 14th of July, through this link.

The Air Guitar World Championships are held for the 26th time in Oulu,
Finland . For the first time ever, the competition took place in 1996,
and only years 2020-2021 had to be cancelled to due to Covid-19.

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