vaaleatukkainen nainen sivuprofiilissa puolilähikuva

Aili Ikonen presents her first Elojazz programme

Elojazz swings from the last Thursday of July to the fourth of August. On Thursday, the festival's artistic director Aili Ikonen's album release gig kicks off the Oulu Symphony Orchestra's autumn season. Friday and Saturday, jazz will be played as usual at Hupisaaret. The festivals are opened and closed at the church.

At Hupisaaret, OASBB will host American guitar virtuoso Robben Ford and acclaimed conductor Ed Partyka.

Bassist Kaisa Mäensivu's quartet, Kaisa’s Machine, presents a mature perspective on modern jazz. Continuously seeking new paths and evolving in a more personal direction, the band brings Mäensivu's multi-layered music to life.

Swedish band Dirty Loops skillfully blends elements of various music genres and dazzles with their virtuosic handling of instruments. Expect an entertaining show full of catchy rhythms and energy.

The stage at Hupisaaret will feature soulful interpretations when Aili Järvelä & Unituuli perform songs composed by Järvelä from the Unituuli album. Additionally, Oulu Youth Jazz Orchestra will be a regular guest.

At the Church of St. Thomas (Pyhän Tuomaan kirkko), the audience can enjoy expressive jazz guitar playing by Teemu Viinikainen Solo, where strong presence, sensitivity, and the beautiful sound of the guitar come together.

The longstanding collaboration with Jumpru Pub continues. Elojazz clubs will feature Dutch Swing College Band together with Kenneth Sjöwall’s Dixie Dudes, Jimi Ahlroos Quartet, Advanced Settings and Into Koponen Band. A Jazz Mass will be held at Church of Tuira on Sunday.

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