D.R.I. joutui perumaan

Amerikkalainen metallipioneeriyhtye D.R.I. on valitettavasti joutunut perumaan elokuisen Jalometalli-festivaalin keikkansa. Peruuntuminen koskee koko bändin heinä- ja elokuulle kaavailtua Euroopan-kiertuetta. Peruuntuminen johtuu bändin perustaneen kitaristi Spike Cassidyn käsivammasta.


D.R.I.:n oli määrä esiintyä Jalometallin lauantaina, mutta festivaali etsii parhaillaan yhtyeelle mahdollista paikkaajaa. Jalometalli-festivaali järjestetään 9.-10. elokuuta 2013 Oulussa Club Teatrialla ja klubin ulkoympäristössä.


Ohessa kitaristi Spike Cassidyn virallinen lausunto:

”I am sorry to say I will not be able to go on tour in Europe this July and August 2013. My left middle finger has been injured and will not bend anymore. I believe it's from an injury months ago when I grabbed a door knob wrong and received what felt like an electric shock to my palm. It was sore and had sudden sharp pain for weeks before it healed. Then a few weeks after that my middle finger began to be stiff and painful in the morning. It would take a few hours to loosen up before it would feel normal.


Over the next month those few hours became half the day, then a month ago, all day long. Recently it became so stiff it would no longer bend, so I went to see a doctor a week ago, who gave me a cortisone shot in the base of the finger. It helped a little but did not cure the problem as expected within a few days. I still can not bend it more then just a little and can't play guitar. The doctor told me that it is not a normal injury, it could be a repetitive stress problem from playing guitar, and I need to take 8-12 weeks off from playing guitar. He is sending me to a hand specialist who treats musicians, but I have not been able to see him yet.


I feel really bad about this especially since I've had to cancel other tours and shows last year because of my cancer and surgeries. I feel like its hurting the bands image. And I feel like I am unable to do my job like i should as part of this band.


So I am sorry to say we will have to cancel the tour.



Jalometallissa soittavat tänä vuonna:


Perjantai 9.8.
Slayer (USA)
3 Inches of Blood (CAN)
Aborted (BEL)
Impaled Nazarene
Orange Goblin (UK)
Hobbs Angel Of Death (AUS)
Altair (SWE)
Lost Society
Clock Paradox
Ravage Machinery


Lauantai 10.8.
Blasphemy (CAN)
Voivod (CAN)
Holy Moses (GER)
Naglfar (SWE)
Tankard (GER)
National Napalm Syndicate


Kesän Jalometallin liput ovat myynnissä Lippupalvelussa ja Oulun Musiikki-Kullaksella. Kahden päivän festarilippu maksaa ennakkoon 85 euroa. Yhden päivän liput perjantaille maksavat 72 euroa ja lauantaille 67 euroa. Kahden päivän VIP-lipun hinta on 154 euroa.


Lipputiedot: www.jalometalli.net/liput.html

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